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Prices subject to change without notice

Non-Ferrous Metals

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Ferrous Metals

Prepared Aluminum & Stainless


Means material that is cut to size of box and already to be shipped out. Large items not fitting into Gaylord box and needing cut will be .05 less than the prepared prices. This also includes aluminum fuel tanks.


All Brass fittings must be off your copper otherwise it will be bought as brass.

 All prices subject to change without notice    

C & K Salvage & Recycling:



Effective 4-12-2007 -  All double bagged (db) cans will pay .05 less than regular can price.

                                  -  At least 1 # weigh will be docked for every 20# of cans for moisure & bag                                      weight. Cans with excessive water/ trash will be docked more depending                                         on the amount of water & trash in the cans.

                                   - Cans containing any other material other than cans will pay the lower                                             grade price depending upon the material in with the cans. For example if                                         there is clean aluminum in bag you will be paid clean aluminum instead                                          of cans. Cans with trash, metal cans or alot of water will be rejected.


All copper must have any brass fittings off otherwise it will be bought as brass. Coppers need to be sorted out by customers prior to purchase otherwise it will be purchased at cheapest grade.


We only purchase lead acid  batteries. They must have a recycling emblem. We will not purchase busted batteries.



Complete cars must have everything on them including the battery to be paid complete/whole car price. All fluids are required to be removed from the car. Gas tanks must be off vehicles and drained.  Anything other than cars must have tires off. If tires are on any other piece of scrap, frames, equipment, etc there will be a deduction of 50# and $5.00 disposal fee per tire for car/pickup size tires and also for big tires a deduction of 100# per tire and a $10.00 disposal fee per tire. Propane tanks must have tops out and be empty. No TVs, monitors of any kind or tires will be accepted. All freon must be removed.


Effective 5-29-2008 - It is state law that you must have photo ID & Registration to sell any materials. Please have your ID ready.

Aluminum Cans 

.34 lb

Aluminum Cans Double Bagged

 .29 lb

Clean Aluminum (prepared)

.32 lb

Dirty Aluminum

.05 lb

Aluminum wheels

.60 lb

Alum/copper Radiators Clean

.50 lb

Alum/copper Radiators Dirty

.25 lb

Al/CU Radiator Ends

$.10 lb

Dirty Aluminum Transmissions

.04  lb


1.00 lb


1.00 lb

Copper #1

2.05 lb

Copper #2

1.85 lb

Sheet Copper

1.60 lb

Coated Copper

.30 lb

Electric Motors

.10 lb

Sealed Units

.06 lb

Stainless Steel (Prepared)

.30 lb


.25 lb

Wheel Weights

.15 lb

Heater Core

.50 lb


.15 lb


$3.00  per 100#

Non complete cars

$3.00  per 100 #

Whole Cars battery included

$4.00 per 100#


$4.50 per 100 #

Prepared Heavy

$4.50  per 100#

Unprepared Heavy

$3.50 per 100#


$2.50  per 100#